Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I change the upholstery scheme?

A. Yes, any of the other standard schemes can be specified for an additional cost. There is also the option of the ‘Aquaclean‘ stain resistant fabric for which a charge will be applied. Please note that the full make-up may not transfer depending on your choice.

Please ask your dealer for further details.

Q. What is included in the Mass in Running Order (MRO)?

A. The MRO is the weight of the caravan as it leaves our factory (inclusive of 6kg electric mains cable and 1kg steady winder plus an 8kg gas bottle allowance).

Note: The MRO is calculated with the water tanks empty, any water in the tanks during travel must be accounted for in the user payload. It is also advisable to empty such tanks prior to transit. 

Q. What insulation grade are Lunar Caravans rated to?

A. After comprehensive testing in a cold chamber facility, Lunar and Venus models have been awarded Grade 3 classification. Please ask for further details.

Q. Can I upgrade my weight plate?

A. Some of the caravans can benefit from an increase on the weight plate, so a higher payload can be enjoyed. This differs from model to model so please ask for further details.

Q. Can I fit a a bike rack to the rear of the caravan?

A. Due to the instability of these items, we do not recommend the fitment of rear bike racks.

Q. Can I take my caravan/motorhome to any dealer for servicing or warranty work?

A. Lunar recommend using the retailing dealer to service and maintain your caravan.  However, if this isn’t possible, any Lunar or Venus dealer is authorised to carry out servicing or warranty work, along with any member of the approved workshop scheme. This is at their discretion and there may be an administration fee if you haven’t purchased the caravan from them so, we would recommend you contact your preferred choice to ascertain if they will offer this service.

To find your nearest NCC approved workshop, please click on the link below.

Q. How do I find out wheel lock sizes?

A. Please use the following link from the AL-KO website to find the correct wheel lock size

Q. Is there a provision for air conditioning units?

A. Yes, all the Lunar Caravans have been audited for air conditioning compatibility, please clarify with your dealer.

Q. What does the iNet ready symbol mean on my Truma digital control panel?

A. This symbol means that your Truma heating and hot water system can easily be upgraded to use the new Truma iNet control system.

The Truma iNet System enables the combi heater to be remotely controlled anywhere and at any time; be it on the ski slopes, at the beach or whilst out walking. The Truma iNet System allows you to control the unit easily and simply via the Truma app from wherever you are, and to query the current device and vehicle status. This makes life whilst camping even easier and more comfortable.

The heart of the system is the Truma iNet Box. This can easily be added by your supplying dealer. It is the central control unit and enables communication between the Truma app on the smartphone or tablet and the Truma device/devices. (It also works with Truma Aventa air conditioning). In close proximity, this process takes place completely free of charge via Bluetooth, i.e. the signals are sent directly. Once outside of the Bluetooth range, the iNet Box automatically switches to SMS communication. Depending on the settings made in the app, an automatically generated SMS is sent.

A personalised response SMS confirms that the required settings have been made. This makes this intuitive system very easy to use. The Truma app can be used as a remote control to almost all functions of the Truma combi heater. i.e. the temperature, fan level and warm water of the heating system can be set. In the case of combi E-versions, it is also possible to select the energy type: gas, mixed mode gas/electric, or just electric.

For more information please click on this link